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Buying Licenses

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How to purchases licenses?


Buying Licenses

You will need to purchase 1 license per player created in the system. Licenses categories (Basic or Elite) are assigned to the team and every player on the team must have the same license type.


We now only offer the elite licesne.
Elite License $5.00 Per Player / Per Year


Forms of Payment Accepted
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club

Purchasing Instructions

Follow the steps below to purchase your required license type 

1. Login to Goal Reports as the Director 

2. Once at the Director Dashboard click on License 




3. Click on the "Season" drop down tab in the top right corner of the License page and choose the desired time frame (Example "Fall 2015") 

4. Choose the eilite license and click on the "Buy More" button. 

5. Confirm the "License For" drop down button reads the desired time frame, if not click the drop down and choose the desired time frame.


6. Choose the "Quantity" (Example: If you choose 15 Basic Licenses the total due should read "Total Due: $15.00") 

7. Enter Billing Information 

8. Enter Credit Card Information 

9. Submit Payment 

A payment Completed message will appear briefly in the top left corner of the screen 

Click on License and look at the License Type "Total" & "Available" to confirm that you have completed the purchase. Keep in mind that the payment system will charge your card the appropriate currency conversion. So for example if your card is paying in British pounds the system will know and make the conversion so you are paying what would be the USD amount. The new purchase should be reflected in the increase of the total amount of purchased licenses.

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